Monday, August 29, 2016
Pastor Robert C. Blakes, Sr. (1938 - 2013) PDF Print E-mail
Pastor Robert C. Blakes, Sr.Robert C. Blakes, Sr., a native of Woodville, Mississippi has resided in New Orleans, Louisiana for over 50 years.  God called him into ministry in 1959 and in 1965 he was appointed Pastor of the New Home Missionary Baptist Church.  In 1977 God brought about a miraculous change in his life and called him to be a Prophet to the nations.  This change caused him to take a tremendous leap of faith into the fivefold ministry, where God has used him mightily, with signs and wonders following.  The powerful words “WHAT PRAYER CAN’T DO, CANNOT BE DONE” was given to him by the Holy Spirit and he adopted it to describe the ministry God has appointed him to. He sincerely believes and lives by these words.

He is known as a MAN OF VISION, for his great accomplishments in the office of APOSTLESHIP through establishing thriving churches in southeastern Louisiana and Texas.   He is also known as a MAN OF INTEGRITY, as he continues to be the mouthpiece of God to many thirsty souls longing for a true word from God through HIS PROPHET.  Thirdly, he is known as a MAN OF DEDICATION, because of his commitment to reach lost souls and wounded hearts through EVANGELIZING, PREACHING and TEACHING the uncompromised word of God.

He is perceived by many young men and women as a “Father” in ministry.  He labors in love as they flock to him seeking Godly wisdom and directions for their lives and for the ministry God has assigned to them.

Bishop Robert C. Blakes, Sr., passed into eternal glory on Thursday, April 11, 2013. He was a man of much love and great faith who believed strongly that "with faith all things are possible" He not only preached love and faith but lived a life that demonstrated compassion and conviction to his mission of serving God's people.