A Day Without Hunger

“For I was hungry and you gave me food.” – Matthew 25:35

Families in need were served on December 17, 2016 as invited guests of LESEA Global Feed and New Home Ministries. A day without hunger took place at New Home Ministries, located at 1616 Robert C. Blakes, Sr. Dr., New Orleans, LA 70130, from 9am to 5pm to receive a Family Food Pack of food staples. New Home Ministries and LeSEA partnered along with others and served the first one-thousand families during the holidays. Through the partnership NHM and LeSEA are striking a blow against hunger in the Greater New Orleans area.

nhn-day-without-hunger-3A Day without Hunger annually feeds thousands of individuals and families in the Greater New Orleans area who go hungry each day. LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry combined its 80,000-85,000 pounds of food with Hope the Food Pantry of New Orleans’ food bank relief efforts to meet the needs of our community. Bishop Blakes said, “We believe in living out the word through serving the needs of others and as a church are grateful for the opportunity to do so.”  Bishop Blakes further said “New Home Ministries will continue this effort on an annual basis as we endeavor to be the hands of Jesus in New Orleans.”